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1967 Asbestos Tile Gone. Vinyl installed. What January 2024 Taught Me About Black Mastic And More.

As promised, here are some before, during, and after shots of my month of January, 2024.  This was a painstaking project, I am not going to lie.  For many years we needed to remove the den carpet. But due to major expenditures in 2023* and the fact that the furniture in that room is massive and would have to be moved out at additional expense above the flooring costs, we just kept putting it off. These pictures don't reveal how badly worn and stained the carpet was. Many puppies, a few plumbing floods, and even an exterior foundation crack allowing rain to seep in had rendered the carpet just plain nasty. No amount of steam cleaning could help it. Believe me, we tried it all.  November of 2023 I found some Flor @flor carpet squares at an estate sale. I bought all that the family had. The 3 different groups of patterns did not have enough squares to fully complete the den floor. But since I only paid $150 for all of them, I thought I would just combine them and live with

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