Construction Arts

Here's what I believe is the truth about many people working in the construction arts:

1.) I have had both good luck and bad luck hiring people in this chosen profession. If you have hired, or tried to hire, anyone to do repair work or construction projects, I'm sure you have your own stories, both good and bad.  I'll leave it at that. 
2.) Only a chosen few understand business etiquette including, but not limited to, returning calls, showing up when they are scheduled. And apologizing when they stand you up.
3.) Warranties, from many that we have hired, are simply sales tools and mean ABSOLUTELY nothing. Don't spend extra money for them.  If they offer it as part of their service, of course you need to take it.  Hopefully, they will honor it.  Cross your fingers.

4.) Some handy people are not creative.... Or handy.
5.) If you find someone you can trust and who you respect and even like, and IF their feelings are mutual, consider yourself lucky and hold on to that person as long as you can. Consider overpaying a little. Spiff them when you can. Bake them cookies, feed them, imbibe them after a hard day's work if they appreciate that sort of thing. Make them a friend. This is smart advice even if you don't own a home. If you own a home, it is required in order to survive your life as a homeowner. Unless you have mad skills, you need a good person to help you maintain and improve your property.  I was lucky.  After many frogs, I found a prince.
7.) If you can build anything, fix everything, never need help lifting that load or toting that pail.... Or bale.... Or never require bail for pissing in a pail after throwing back too many pale ales......Well then, never mind.
I would rather be stripped naked, covered in honey, strapped to a stake stuck in the middle of a fire ant hill in the middle of a public square than build or remodel a house. Been there. Done that. Got the T-Shirt. Hate the T-Shirt and would like to return it in exchange for the time wasted on such endeavors. Here I am. Doing it to two houses....AGAIN!!!  Fuck me runnin'.

That is all.
Carry on.


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