Seriously...People in the Construction Arts RETURN YOUR PHONE CALLS AND SHOW UP WHEN YOU SAY YOU WILL

Let me say this about that......
In this remodeling project, I have learned one truth.  Few people who work in the construction arts like the telephone.  They don't like returning phone calls.  They aren't known for their love of email. Promptness isn't always a priority.  And many don't show up at all.  Unreliability is more common than many would like to admit. that is more than one truth.

Of course, this isn't true of all of them....THANK GOD!  Those contractors who do follow-up, return calls, return texts, return emails, and do their best to be where they are supposed to be at the time they promise, will make a great living.  These professionals are like the white unicorn farting rainbows in the forest of candy houses.

I have an excellent contractor.  I found other tradespeople through Angie's list and word of mouth. My suggestion to everyone who is attempting to build, repair or remodel a house: do your homework. And if someone doesn't call you back or show up.....move on.  There are only so many second chances in life.....and in construction.
That is all.
Carry on.