So, you need to buy appliances?

Samsung 5600 5 Burner Gas Range
Appliances, you love them, you need them, you are indifferent about them....yada, yada, yada.  One thing is fo' sho', buying them is a pain in the ass.

We needed just 5 appliances for the new/old house.  We need a gas range, dishwasher, range vent hood, washer and a dryer.

Being good consumers, Mr. I and I looked at every review we could find on Amazon, Google, and Consumer Reports.  For every top rated Bosch dishwasher rating I found on Consumer Reports, I found a big number of people who hate it on Amazon, Home Depot and other sites. It stinks inside.  It broke the first week.  Their customer service get the idea.  Who do we believe? Used to be that CR was the be all and end all of unbiased testing.  And their information is still very important, but so are the reviews of actual owners.  And there are times when the CR reviews are in direct opposition to the reviews of owners. Confused, much?

When it comes to reviews, I rarely read the good ones.  Of course, I look at the over view and count the stars that they receive, but I figure it is more informational to just skip to the bad reviews.  You can get a good idea if the problem the reviewer has is "operator error" or true consistent problems for the brand.  We all know that the good reviews are just that, good.

I'm just here to tell you, this is stressful.  Did we get the best deal?  The best value?  The best warranty?  The best ratings?  Hell, at the end of the day, you do your best, buy what you can afford and just move the fuck on.  At least that is what I'm telling myself.......Self, you have how many buying decisions to make with this move and you and Mr. I are worrying over $200 on a dishwasher?
Self, move the fuck on.

So, we ended up with the Samsung 5600 5 burner gas range and a KitchenAid Midrange Architect Series KDTE104DSS dishwasher.  We bought them both at Home Depot.  They were on sale, of course.  But we added a warranty (don't get me started about the mixed feelings I have about those) so the cost was raised the range by $135 and the dishwasher $112.50.  It is a 5 year warranty from Home Depot (a company they hire, anyway), which we have never used before.  Sears extended warranties are the only ones we have historically had luck with, but we are going to try the HD warranty.

As you can tell through this blog, I will give you prices when I can.  I just don't see the point in trying to hide the prices.  We all want to know what things cost.  Remodeling a house is difficult at best. Let's just all talk and write about it honestly.

That is all.
Carry on.